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Phosphate Products

Pacific Natural ®
Fish Fertilizer

An organic, bio-available fertilizer to naturally aid soil and plant health.


​The process involves using enzyme accelerated hydrolysis that helps lock in the enriching nutrients in the fish organic material, allowing them to deliver superior nutritional value to the plant and soil. The process is completely organic. Pacific Natural can be applied as a foliar feed, sprayed directly on the plants or roots, used as a compost accelerator and a soil nutritional builder.

By using this unique process it makes it easier for the plant and soil to absorb nutrients. Pacific Natural also improves the soil ecosystem and promotes the growth of microorganisms that are the engines of conversion into essential plant nutrients. These microbes (bacterial, fungal and protozoan) also support the plant’s vitality and root structure. As a side benefit,  our product continues 'working' during colder temperatures, though at a slower pace.

Hands Holding Fish

"Pacific Natural is a high quality fish fertilizer created through a proprietary cold enzyme process developed by Great Pacific BioProducts Ltd. Our supply of fish is year-round, allowing us to maintain a constant flow of fresh ingredients for our product at any point in your growing cycle.



 Pacific Natural is double-screened through an 80-mesh screen and can be applied by all normal methods including injection with seed, side-dressing and any type of conventional fertilizer-grade irrigation system or spray rig. Our product has a pH of 3.5 – 3.8, enabling its storage stability and product inactivity until use."

​N-P-K Rating: 2-3-0

2% total Nitrogen (N), 3% available Phosphoric acid (P205), 0% soluble potash (K20)

Process: Fresh fish offal processed with organic non-GMO enzyme and low temperature hydrolysis, twice-filtered (80-mesh), stabilized with phosphoric acid to target pH 3.5 - 3.8.

Pacific Natural is sold in three

primary container sizes:

275 gallon IBC/tote (1000 litres)

55 gallon drums (200 litres)

5 gallon pail (19 litres)

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