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From The Start 7-52-2

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To get your plants off to a healthy, vibrant start, the addition of a clean, available phosphate is essential. This unique blend of water soluble phosphate is applied at seeding and transplanting. Phosphorus is needed for root development, plant respiration, cell formation, translocation of nutrients and energy production. It is a catalyst for photosynthesis and sugar production. This product can be used throughout the season on crops like potatoes, turnips, parsnips, and beets along with vegetation crops like lettuce, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower.

From the Start

All forms of phosphorous in the soil is not the same. Plants absorb minerals that are in the water soluble form. The majority of phosphorous found in the soil is not water soluble but rather in a form referred to as P1 and P2. In order for insoluble phosphorous to metabolize into plant available phosphate, electrical conductivity must be ideal. Balance is the key.

High Brix Manufacturing has blended a line of products to use in the garden, greenhouse, and nurseries which contain a balanced blend of available phosphate.

*Disclaimer: "From The Start 7-52-2" should be included as part of a complete nutrient program. The manufacturer recommends the use of soil testing and consultation with professional crop consultants to ens



Phosphorous is an essential nutrient in the growth of healthy nutritious plants, and the process of photosynthesis to create sugar. Clean, available, water soluble, low salt, free of heavy metals, and efficient are all criteria for the products used on our food supply.



To get your plants off to a healthy, vibrant start, the addition of a clean available phosphate is essential.



This blend contains the benefits of clean, available phosphate, but adds the benefit of an increased amount of potassium.