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Scotiabank and High Brix Manufacturing have teamed up to help you gear up for the 2024 crop season. Use Scotiabank’s Yield More Financing™ revolving credit line today by visiting High Brix Manufacturing for your crop solution needs. 

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Scotiabank Yield More Financing™

Scotiabank Yield More Financing™ available through High Brix Manufacturing.


  • Lines of Credit up to $50,000 are unsecured

  • Extended repayment dates as long as 18 months, allowing customers to maximize crop-marketing opportunities

  • For purchases made between September 1 – August 31; payment is required by February 28, and must be 100% of the outstanding balance of your account as of August 31 plus accrued interest

  • Line of credit can be reused when paid down

  • Scotiabank Prime plus 2.95% for line of credit up to $200,000, and Prime plus 1.95% for lines of credit more than $200,000

For more details visit: 

Scotiabank Yield More Financing: 

If you have any questions about or would like to apply for Yield More Financing, please contact us today:

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