Phosphate Products 


Micronized Soft Rock Phosphate(MSRP)


An exceptional phosphate supplement bursting with trace minerals mined by us, here in Canada

Micronized Soft Rock Phosphate, or MSR, is a non-metallic element that originates from the fossilized remains of the ancient organic life found around the world. Usually it is found in a rock form that is applied in large quantities to the soil which takes years to break down to plant available form even in ideal conditions. MSR is approved for organic use with many organic agencies throughout the US and Canada.

Phosphate is the workhorse of all minerals in the plant world. One important role that phosphate plays is to translocate or move the minerals into the plant. Phosphate is also responsible for improved seed germination, improved root growth development and is the synopsis for photosynthesis.

MSRP is a product refined to less than 10 microns by a mechanical process which allows for immediate water solvency. As a water soluble product, it can be suspended in water and used in a sprayer for direct soil contact or for foliar applications. Smaller rates of application are very effective due to the efficiency created by the micronizing process.

Application rates will vary depending upon the nutrient level in your soil. When using this product for foliar application, caution should be used to ensure crop damage does not occur. Please consult a professional crop consultant for advice.

Seed and Fruit (7-48-8)


Seed and Fruit 7-48-8: Contains the benefits of clean available phosphate but includes an increased amount of potassium. For plants that produce seeds and fruits, potassium acts as "glue" that holds the fruit and seed to the plant.

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Essential Phosphate (7-52-2)


Water soluble product that will supply phosphate (P205) and the energy needed for the exceptional plant health and development without adding salts and heavy metals to your soil.

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