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About Us

Who we are

A reputable and dedicated business that is solely interested in sustainable and achievable plant solutions for any size grower world-wide. 15+ years experience in the agricultural business industry while being heavily involved in the local agricultural community to push the education and resource base for successful farming practices. 
Growing Plant

Our Philosophy

For decades, current agriculture practices have focused on the N-P-K approach to fertility. Many dollars are spent on soil tests, at different depths and testing techniques. Recommendations for nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and trace minerals are made based on the results. There is a heavy reliance to protect the crop from variety of symptoms, leading to repeated applications of various pesticides. There is little regard to the health of the soil, the soil life, or the health of the plants being grown there.


Also included in this is the need to ensure the soil and the growing environment are rich in Oxygen, Carbon and soil microbes. By enhancing the soil environment, we reduce the need to keep killing and start to grow healthy nutrient dense crops. Weed pressures, insect pressures and disease are reduced, compaction is eliminated and plants begin to develop their own defences.



Education is a vital part of what we do. Each year, we spend many hours co-ordinating and planning meetings, conferences and field walks to help educate producers and consumers alike about healthy soils and even more important, healthy food.

Learning about nature, the systems and ecosystems that are innately present and how each interacts with each other is extremely complex. Each action results in another reaction and so it goes. By gaining a basic awareness or understanding of how intricate and delicate, yet durable and resilient our earth is, one starts to realize how it's nothing short of miraculous.

Understanding the soil as a complete ecosystem is the starting point of regenerating it. The soil needs to be structured to contain Oxygen, Carbon, and to have an efficient water holding capacity. Soil microbes need to have an environment that sustains their life cycles and allows them to proliferate and grow. Plants need to have the ability to spread their roots and access the needed minerals and energy to complete their growth cycle. Our approach, different from the current "conventional" production system, promotes the creation of a growing environment, rather than a kill and control environment. We support the life within the soil and work to create a balance of nutrients that results in plant quality, diverse microbial populations, and homogenous energy flow throughout the soil.

Green Field
Our Company
Hands in the Soil

We want the best for our growers so we only bring the best to our growers. If you can give us the time, we will give you the effort. No matter the issues you are facing or the aspirations you have, we are confident that if you work with us we can lead you to a road that ends in success. 

Our Promise to You
Farm Field

We believe education is the most important part of any growers tool belt. What we do at High Brix is offer the answers to as many questions as you may have with no obligations. We want you to believe in us before you hop on board with us, so give us a call!

Our Products
Farming Field

We distribute a unique line of products you largely will not be able to find elsewhere. For the products we wanted to carry but were not available at our required standard, we took on the responsibility to manufacture them instead. From our research and trials we have created a line up of products that can organically(or conventionally) close the gap between where you are at and where you want to be.

Environment & Sustainability

Treating the earth and its soils right is why we got into the industry in the first place! We have seen all too many depleted soils from various causes over our time and work diligently to fix them one field at a time. We pride ourselves on environmentally friendly practices and products and that won't change anytime soon.

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