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Image by Stefano Marinelli

2024 Radionics Workshop

Basic Radionics Workshop - Jan 22nd and 23rd 2023

Ed Kelly from Kelly Research Technologies will deliver a two day "Basic Radionics" workshop on January 22 & 23, in Leduc County, Alberta, at the High Brix Manufacturing shop meeting room. You must supply your own equipment, so please order that ahead of time to ensure delivery prior to the workshop. This year we are offering $150 off the KRT Personal Instrument and/or any Tuning Station. Use coupon code PIN150 at checkout. The sale extends until the end of Black Friday (Nov 25).

Tuning Stations are the easiest way to add multiple concurrent radionic rates to your analysis, broadcast, or imprinting project. They allow the user to create multi-voice harmonies rather than the solo or duet voices (output signals) provided by most instruments and devices. They are also the easiest way to add two-dial Hieronymus style rates to other types of instruments; just connect the output jacks of the Tuning Station to the "Signal Input" port of your unit.

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