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High Brix Manufacturing

Balancing your Soil Environment

Providing Straight-forward
Systems for Soil Health

Moving away from reactionary and protection based approaches.

Moving towards soil health practices conducive to life and natural resiliency.

The #1 Limiting Factor in Prairie Soils is Compaction

Healthy soil is structured soil. Structured soil is synonymous with aerobic soil. Aerobic soil is favourable to microbial activity, water holding capacity, mineral availability, and decreased disease pressures. 

Compacted vs Structured.png

A Thriving System Requires Thriving Biology

Once an aerobic environment is established, good soil biology has a place to call home and proliferate. Soil biology is the driving force behind a functioning soil system.

Carbon Building and Supplementation

Carbon is the building block for all things living. Once we have structured soil and a biological system established, we can begin supplementing food for the microbes and accelerate the naturally occurring carbon cycle.

Black Soil

All Prilled and Micronized Limestone


Yield More

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